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P&I Clubs

This is an activity that improves Pinto Basto Group’s image and increases its prestige, thanks to the fact that Pinto Basto is the local correspondent of the greater part of the international ship-owners’ mutual insurance associations, the majority of which belong to the “International Group”

The scope and coverage of services provided includes protection for ship owners in various situations, namely third party liability insurance, which includes coverage for the following: malfunctions, misplaced cargo, personal injury or damage to property, break downs as a result of collisions or wash damage, removal of cargo or ships, costs relating to life saving and support for shipwreck victims, loss of personal effects, fines and compensation due to pollution for which we offer retrieval support and repayments. As a preventive measure, we also offer consulting and assistance services.

This company is Certified by Bureau Veritas and implements a quality system certified according to the Norm EN ISO 9001.

Bureau Veritas - EN ISO 9001

P&I Clubs that we represent:

American Steamship Owners Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association, Inc.
British Marine Mutual P&I Insurance Association Limited – QBE Group
China P&I Club
Japan P&I Club
Skuld P&I
Steamship Insurance Management Services Limited
The Britannia Steam Ship Insurance Association Limited
The London P&I Club
The North of England P&I Association Limited
The Shipowners' Mutual Protection and Indemnity Association
The Standard Club Ltd
UK P&I Club
West of England Insurance Services